Dedicated IT Manager looking for new opportunities.

I started my career within IT as a system consultant for 7 years with a wide variety of tasks for different customers. Later I became an internal IT Manager for a global organization where I have spent almost 11 years developing local and global ITSM levels and worked with different IT processes and systems.

I have a strong focus on support and quality which works well with my ability to keep different levels of stakeholders informed, as well as manage expectations for other interested parties. I enjoy being in a supportive role, and I’m always eager to assist with challenges that is within my area of expertise.

My personal drive lies within managing a system or a solution, along with the service level that is expected of it.

I’m a person who like to have the overview and enjoys a good challenge. I can always find tasks to keep myself busy, but also find time to work together with others. I love to embrace and learn new technologies and processes and I’m fascinated to see things work well together. I’m not fixated on perfection, and I take pride in learning from my mistakes and always try to move forward. Self-awareness and realization are important to understanding that we can learn from both success and failure. I believe living is learning, and I’m not afraid to take the lead on something new or crucial to make sure documentation and reports are presented correctly.
In my daily work I lean up against my ITIL knowledge, and I have a generally good instinct to prioritize tasks correctly. I strive to have a good personal relation with all my colleagues, and I’m easy to work with. I’m always curious about other views, and I often don’t see my own perspectives as more important than others.